How to spot a bogus business from a reputable one

how to spot fraudulent business

The City of London Police have warned the public of the risks of falling victim to one of the many investment scams operated by bogus businesses that try to add a veil of respectability by working from prestigious offices in London. Criminals are believed to have stolen more than £1.73 billion from 5,252 victims last year based on crimes reported to the police last year and this figure may be even higher.

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50 FREE Translations of FCPA, No Room for Grey Areas in Regulatory Compliance


Ignorantia juris non excusat, Latin for ‘ignorance of the law does not excuse’, is something of an ancient catch-all rule that has served society well for centuries and we can thank the Roman’s for including it on their list of enduring legacies. An artist with a talent for counterfeiting crisp Euro notes, like his ancestor in the Roman Empire would be hard pressed to justify his copying on the grounds that he didn’t know there was a law against it. Laws are debated, passed, published and enforced and that’s that; but what happens when citizens don’t or can’t understand the law? Read more

Shell LiveWire Award Translates into Long-Term Business

Jurga Zilinskiene Shell Livewire

If you ask Jurga Zilinskiene our founder and computer coding entrepreneur CEO: what was the key turning point for her in business? She will say with electrically charged enthusiasm, “Shell LiveWIRE!”. Established in 1982, the Shell LiveWire programme has become the UK’s largest online community that recognises and rewards young entrepreneurs and provides them with free advice and funding.

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“The Fuse” – a Radio Theatre Performance with Sir TIMOTHY ACKROYD

The Fuse

Tickets are now available to purchace for the newest Sir Timothy Acroyd’s production of “The Fuse”, the gripping story of the trial of Brian Donald Hume.

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Debugging “Duang” – The Meaning Behind China’s Most Used, Yet Confusing Word!

duang duang duang

What is duang (pronounced “dwong”), you may ask? Well, at present the meaning is quite ambiguous; however, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming the most popular word on Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo. According the Foreign Policy Blog it has been used more than 8.4 million times.

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