Programmed to Succeed: New UK-Baltic Partnership to Fill Skills Gap and Boost Employability

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Heritage, DNA, Passion

The British tailoring magnate Montague Burton, the first talking movie star Al Jolson and even the late, great actors Sir John Gielgud and Charles Bronson could all trace their ancestry back to the tiny gem of the Baltic, Lithuania. Add to that list modern day legends like the Academy Award winning director of Forrest Gump Robert Lee Zemeckis; Read more

David Cameron’s plan to pop the dirty money housing bubble is a good investment

London Anti Money Laundering

James Ibori, the former petty thief who became governor of Delta state in Nigeria and one of the country’s richest men, is estimated to have stolen over $250m of Nigerian public funds. He laundered swathes of his ill-gotten gains through London before he was prosecuted in the UK and sent to jail for 13 years in 2012.

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Free Webinar: Disclosing a Cyber-crime to the Authorities


In the age of cyber warfare, the risk of falling prey to a cyber-attack is real and ever present. If you or your company is targeted by cyber-criminals the consequences can be catastrophic. Authorities across the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia have resources to help and will encourage you to the report the incident but is this a sound move?

On 22nd July 2015, our Advisory Board Member David Clarke, the former head of the City of London Police fraud squad, founder of the UK National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and Today Translations’ special advisor on security explores the dilemma of making a disclosure of cyber-crime/incident to the authorities. In this live talk, he will discuss:

  • Current trends in cyber-attacks against individuals and businesses
  • Options for reporting and the response from the Authorities
  • Risks, issues and benefits of disclosing an incident
  • The Good, bad and ugly: Recent case studies
  • Best practice policy & procedure for disclosing incidents to the Authorities

You can listen to the webinar at:

To download the slides of the webinar please click on the link Disclosing a Cyber-crime to the Authorities

Check-list of bullet-proof email marketing campaign

email marketing checklist

Good for those big players with their data-driven automated solutions – they can boast about their huge revenues driven by email marketing or other marketing campaigns. But what do you do if you are a small business, do not have any BIG data or money for super smart solutions and still want to begin with something? The answer is – start with one of the cheapest means of marketing – email marketing.
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How to spot a bogus business from a reputable one

how to spot fraudulent business

The City of London Police have warned the public of the risks of falling victim to one of the many investment scams operated by bogus businesses that try to add a veil of respectability by working from prestigious offices in London. Criminals are believed to have stolen more than £1.73 billion from 5,252 victims last year based on crimes reported to the police last year and this figure may be even higher.

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